The EstateManager system provides a way for the Sales Agent to manage their entire customer base no matter the carrier or insurer. It provides demographic analysis of customers and prospects to help agents understand where their greatest sales opportunities are. It empowers the agent in the tracking of Surrender/Maturity dates and other Alerts. The system was design by sales agents for sales agents and continues to have new features added monthly.

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Application Features

  • Beneficial Financial Group Data Import - imports of all clients, products, and activity data from the ClientsPlus system into the EstateManager.
  • Business Analysis reporting - allows the agent to recognize who their best customers are based on demographics and actual sales data.
  • Alert notification of Surrender dates and Maturity dates.
  • Tracking of all financial data - Insurance, Annuities, Property and Income.
  • Compliance Contact History - keeps a permanent record of all conversations with clients.
  • Mail Merge reporting capability - for use with birthday and review letters.
  • File uploads - upload any type of file, scanned document, or fax image.
  • Caller ID Customer Pop-ups - Integration with the Altigen Phone system to provide client detail information when they call you.
  • Only $49.95/month per database - Have up to 10 users share the same database without any extra fees.

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Apr 01, 2014
New Version
We've updated the entire look and feel. We've added a new dashboard feature along with charts and graphs.

Aug 16, 2011
Sales Summary Report
New sales report allows agents to find their so called "sweet-spot". Knowing what product types are generating the most commission/sales and also know what kind of clients are purchasing them. The sales report breaks data out:

  • By Original Lead Source—this is the lead type that is associated with the client. So an agent can know where their clients are coming from
  • By Age group
  • By Product/Asset type
  • By Asset Lead Source

May 05, 2011
eFileCabinet Update
eFileCabinet has permanently changed the way they provide integration with the EstateManager system. Older versions of eFileCabinet downloaded before April 2011will still work with the EstateManager system, but a new setting must be checked marked within your profile (please see release document 2011-05-05).

May 05, 2011
Client Summary Report
Get a quick snapshot of the client’s important information including contact information, assets, family, income, and advisors-- with the click of a button.

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